Le Mans 24 Hours Race: Race My Day

Le Mans 24 Hours Race, in partnership with Michelin. The winner will be invited to the following Le Mans with the Michelin team in true VIP style.

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Thanks to our loyal partner Michelin who without, Race My Day would not have been possible. More than 35,000 players took part this year, thankfully they were all virtual, otherwise the chicanes would have been quite congested!!!

There were 3 weeks of competition available this year, the qualifications, live and the 6 days. Racing thousands of miles, the changing of tires, refueling and the changing of drivers.

Hugo 28, the winner of Le Mans 2010 spent the 2011 Le Mans with the Michelin team, in VIP style! Meeting the race drivers, behind the scenes access, simply an incredible life experience! In an interview he thanked, "all the Michelin Group and the organizers and drivers on site that allowed us to live this race in exceptional circumstances."